Using Focal Points – Change your Garden from Good to GREAT

Focal points or using garden feature products are becoming more and more popular and creative these days.  It really is no wonder why, as they can help transform every day gardens into something much more sophisticated and beautiful.

The creative use of focal points is an extremely effective way to draw the eye towards an area you would like emphasised, such as a unique sculpture or colourful tree with an amazing branch structure. Conversely you can use them to aid in camouflaging something that is unsightly or majorly uninteresting, such as air conditioners, bins or your neighbours property!

The key to using them wisely is simply ‘less is more’. Too many focal points will create a confused garden where the eye is left to wonder around aimlessly, rather than rest on any one item effectively.  Whether you use natural features like plants, or built structures such as decorative screens, well placed focal points can leave long lasting impressions for those that visit.

What to use?  Focal points can be almost anything if used in the right manner. From beautiful trees that create a year round presence, such as the Japanese Maple, to water features, sculptures, decorative screens, large pots, bird baths and all sorts of appealing objects –  even an old push bike, artistic paving or corner bench.

Below are a few examples from work we have done using focal points.  We have also included a few other images to inspire you in using clever focal points.

If you feel like your garden could do with a bit more finesse and designer touch, feel free to give us call – we’d be more than happy to discuss ideas that will bring it to that next level of awesomeness.

decorative sphere, garden sculpture, vdb gardens, landscaping, focal points
We placed this stunning sphere in a central point of the front yard. This modern sculpture
can be seen from both the interior and exterior of the contempory house.

This classic bluestone pot, filled with succulents and raised on a pillar, creates a subtle
focal point tucked away in a garden bed. Focal points don’t have to be large in size to
make a statement.

focal points, metal screen, wall art, garden decoration, vdb gardens, landscaping
We used this decorative screen to bring to life a plain wall whilst also drawing attention
to the water feature and Little Gem Magnolias.


We have used a display of topiary to draw your eye to a central point in this classic courtyard.

A corten steel fire pit is the focal point at the end of a very long crazy paved pathway.
On a large property such as this, focal points can also be large in size to match the scale.

A clipped beech hedge has been “opened up” in the centre to create a view through to
a corten obelisk. The hedge creates the perfect frame for the obelisk, providing a strong
focal point.


focal points, garden furniture
Using garden furniture

focal points, garden path
Build a structure over pathway

focal point, garden bench, fire pit
Corner bench with fire pit

Use a simple garden chair to highlight a beautiful tree