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Curved path

Straight or Curved Lines?

Line is one of the most important and useful of all design elements. Line is everywhere – so when we talk about line in garden design, a frequent question we get asked is “when should the lines be […]

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Posted Under : News & Inspiration29/03/2017

Box Hill North Garden Pool Landscaping

Swimming Pools

SO YOU’RE THINKING ABOUT PUTTING IN A POOL? Before you dive in head first (pardon the pun), there are some important factors that need to be considered before you start creating your little slice of paradise. Like any […]

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Posted Under : News & Inspiration28/06/2016


Autumn Trees – Our Top 5 Picks

Being Melburnian’s, autumn is definitely one of our favourite times of year.  Nothing quite beats those crisp sunny mornings with sunlight streaming through the beautiful colours of autumn leaves.  Whether it’s the scarlet reds of Maples or striking yellow of […]

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Posted Under : News & Inspiration30/03/2016

Gabion Wall

Gabion Walls

WHAT EXACTLY IS A GABION WALL YOU MAY BE ASKING?! Gabion walls (from Italian gabbione meaning “big cage”) have been used for thousands of years, dating all the way back to the medieval era where they were constructed as military fortifications.  Back then, […]

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Posted Under : News & Inspiration23/02/2016

February gardening tips

Things to Do in the Garden During February

Melbourne’s hot summer season is truly under way and it sure does put the pressure on our beautiful gardens.  Below are some great tips to keep your garden in check during February. 1.  Weeding - Yes, we know… just hearing […]

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Posted Under : News & Inspiration19/01/2016


Using Focal Points – Change your Garden from Good to GREAT

Focal points or using garden feature products are becoming more and more popular and creative these days.  It really is no wonder why, as they can help transform every day gardens into something much more sophisticated and beautiful. The creative […]

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Posted Under : News & Inspiration30/11/2015


Our top 6 watering tips for helping maintain a healthy garden this summer

Melbourne summers can be a very testing time on our gardens, drying out soil or even scorching our beautiful spring plants.  It’s an easy time of year to for us all to slip away on a lovely holiday […]

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Posted Under : News & Inspiration03/11/2015


How to Maintain a Lawn you will LOVE!

Beautiful spring is well under way and it’s so nice to see a flush of new growth, splashes of colour and everything greening up. It’s no secret however that winter can be quite harsh on the appearance of […]

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Posted Under : News & Inspiration13/10/2015

beautiful spring garden

Gardening Tips for the start of Spring!

Early spring is such a fantastic time of year to give your garden a little overhaul, spruce up the lawn or even bring in some new plants or veggies. Here are some of our tips to reenergise your […]

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Posted Under : News & Inspiration08/09/2015


3D Landscaping Designs – We’ll walk you through it!

Have you ever looked at a professional 2D plan, maybe for your house, an extension or landscape design, and thought… “Gee, that looks very impressive, but I can’t really visualise what it will ‘actually’ look like!” Technology has […]

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Posted Under : News & Inspiration25/08/2015