About VDB Gardens

With over 15 years experience, Mark Van den Boom’s passion for gardens is more than just that.

He thinks about curves, straight lines, crooked lines, gradients, darkness, light, textures. He believes in punctuality, honesty and decency. He thinks that nature is something majestic and feels privileged to be able to play with it, study it and create it in spaces where he is asked to do so. He is a Family man, a leader, and more importantly friend of his team of workers. He is a small business owner with a large vision, and even bigger ideas.

VDB Gardens specialise in all facets of landscape design, construction and maintenance. They believe that a garden created should look even better with time, and they place all emphasis on delivering quality workmanship, and excellent products whilst working closely with clients to achieve the results that they desire. Not just for the now, but for the years to come.

From small courtyard gardens to large acreage properties, VDB Gardens work with prospective clients throughout the whole process of garden design, construction and maintenance.



Our design process begins with an on site consultation. At this consultation, Mark will turn up on time. He will take his boots off before going indoors. He will listen to your needs, wants, ideas, and concerns.

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VDB gardens will construct and create your garden with workmanship of the highest standard. We understand that we are judged on every garden created and we are an extremely proud bunch.

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VDB Gardens believe that a garden should look better with time. Regular maintenance will ensure the health and vigour of any garden with the appropriate attention.

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